Meet Anila

“HEY, THERE! I’M ANILA! I believe each love story is unique and each couple has a special story to tell, that’s why I take an organic approach to photography. I’ll guide you, but in the end, you’ll be the star of your photographs. My goal is to capture the emotion of your day and know it was your love that made your photographs special. I want to capture all the moments, even the ones in between. A little about me – I have three cats that I’re totally obsessed with, and a love of food and coffee that I would argue is unrivaled. My favorite eats in Dallas are Wabi House, Terilli’s and Liberty Burger. When I’m not eating out, I cooking recipes from my favorite cooking site, Half Baked Harvest. The creamy chicken and wild rice soup is absolutely supreme and I make it at least twice a month. I’m always down to try a new coffee shop, but I’ll probably end up back at Dunkin.